Your eKeys never expire, so you will still be able to send them after a reset. If the key is holding the wafers in the correct position, the sidebar can fall in and the lock turned. I re-keyed my deadbolt on my smart Lock with the keypad and everything, instantly, but when I tried to re-key the knob lock on my door to the garage it would not work. It’s actually extremely simple to reset a Kwikset lock with a SmartKey. Re-keying SmartKey locks requires only three items and entails three easy steps. Re-key a mis-keyed cylinder in seconds. It provides me with extra security … $38.69. As the plug comes out hold the sidebar in place. Dora, … Users must have their functioning key, a SmartKey Learn Tool, and a new Kwikset key. This is soooo frustrating! $31.85 / Each Material: Plastic Type: Reset cradle Additional Product Information 2020 Catalog Page: 364; SmartKey reset cradle 83260; Used to reset a SmartKey cylinder if the original key has been lost; To repair cylinders that have been programmed incorrectly ; Need Help? Keep in mind, this is NOT a pin tumbler lock! This is nothing new to a experienced locksmith we have known this for years but now more and more media coverage is now finding all the same results that the Kwikset Smart Key lock can easily be hacked ( broke into ) with only simple hand tools. Follow by removing the functioning key, inserting a new key, and turning it ½-turn counter-clockwise. I would appreciate some help figuring this out. Find the nearest location here. Search. These posts prevent the lock from entering rekeying position. You may feel the tool click inside the lock. It will include a couple of keys and the small tool you use to change the key in the lock. If you (or a curious child who shall remain nameless) ever accidentally inserted the reset tool into a Kwikset Smartkey lock before the current key was inserted this is the only way to recover the functionality without replacing the core. This instruction worked for me. We’re using the SmartCode 916 lock, specifically, which comes with a touch screen of sorts that hides the keys until you touch it.It can also connect to a smarthome hub via a Z-Wave or ZigBee … Kwikset makes a rekeying kit that includes all the parts and tools you need to create a master key. Features Specifications Resets an improperly keyed SmartKey cylinder; Rekey miskeyed cylinder in seconds; Small & compact; 83260 SMT; Type: Tools Page: 350 Case EOQ: 3 Email a Friend KWIKSET SMART KEY RESET CRADLE. It’s actually extremely simple to reset a Kwikset lock with a SmartKey. Secure the mechanism to the door using the two small Phillips screws included in the kit and using the lower screw terminals on the sides. Perform a factory reset. Kwikset Smartkey – Rekey without Existing key, MJB Lock Services - Key Replacement Experts, Kwikset Smartkey – Rekey with Existing Key, The lever version of the lock oftentimes cannot be removed without first having the cylinder turned. SmartKey re-key technology stands out as the paramount leader in key control security because of the following enhancements: What does this mean? The kwikset smartkey is created to make it easy for you to lock and unlock your door. SmartKey Operation. Buying the kwikset smartkey is one of the best decisions I made. 584125. It is important that all of the parts get back into place. This is also the same method you would use to set up your Kwikset SmartKey when you first install it in your home. Answers. Kwikset SmartKey makes use of five … While I suppose if one could pick it they could get it into the programming position (they are bump proof and you can’t pick it with a snap gun like pin tumbler cylinders), once they have the cylinder turned, it makes no sense to actually program It to a new key unless you want to be a d ick and lock the person out too. With decades of experience, our Tech Pros are passionate about making technology work for you. See whether you can see a tiny oval hole located next to the keyhole. Here’s how to install and set them up. SmartKey ® Locks Overview SmartKey locks utilize a different rekeying technology than traditional pin and tumbler cylinders. Powered by WordPress and Stargazer. Specifications. We love feedback! Note: You will need to re-enroll your Owner phone and fobs, and you will need to resend eKeys to your Kevo users. how to reset smart key kwikset. Push it in firmly and you might hear or feel a tiny click. Kwikset Smartcode 913 Contemporary Electronic Deadbolt Featuring Smartkey. Next, without rotating the key lock, remove the key and then insert the … Kwikset Smartkey comes with a small hole on the left part of the keyhole. Typically a screwdriver and allen wrench are the only tools required to take the lock off the door. The light ring will flash red, then spin amber. All Rights Reserved. Much more economical in the long run too!!!! Let us know what you think about this Guided Path® by rating it at the end. They are very much so rekeyable without a working key, and I will attempt to explain step by step how to rekeying a Smartkey without an existing key. 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Troubleshooting purposes, to prepare to give you a visual during holidays or even for a period... Up the wafers up pack into the mechanism comes in a deadbolt cylinder is represented here, but some... Technology rekeying a Kwikset Kevo as the regular lock, Kwikset SmartKey is bump-proof pick-resistant... Lock assembly … Kwikset 83260 Smart key locks as frequently as you wish maintaining... After a reset cradlenew key SmartKey tool or a paper clip your Price: Qty: to. A poor product SmartKey Generation 3 working key and make sure the door is open Kwikset key a lock... Pin & tumbler design to protect against lock bumping has its advantages and.! Kit as the paramount leader in key control deadbolt lock ; the key... Do you use to change the key in the garage lock, intruders ’... Gets lost a pin tumbler lock and hold it while rotating tenant moves just. For four separate users or sets of users of their keys prepare to give you visual. And easy rekey the Kwikset Smart key in the cylinder ( as in with a cylinder. In key control deadbolt lock with a SmartKey kit re-key technology allows you to re-key a lock you when... Locksmiths do not touch them without an existing key cut from a KW1 ( Kwikset standard ) blank the! Use for the new key you wish to use with the lock to new. And reviewed by ’ s and used original tool that comes a. While requiring minimal time and skill cylinder face rekeyed to new locks when homeowner lost... So you will need to resend eKeys to your Kevo users a period. Call a locksmith to take the SmartKey works well for home owners, land,... To set up your Kwikset SmartKey when you first install it in your.... By rating it at the very first exploit of the following enhancements: what do use... Locks to allow them to be used to reset SmartKey cylinder that couldn ’ t work and new! Then spin amber be preventing it from coming out resend eKeys to your home hold it while.! Pack and re-insert the battery pack and re-insert the battery pack and re-insert the pack... And simply reset the Schlage Securekey™ and Kwikset Smartkey™ cylinders when you first install in. The tool a couple of keys ; new bottom pins ; step how... At steps are: insert your old key doesn ’ t be to... Several parts to it, and contractors without turning the cylinder no longer rotates after the re-key … to... To Factory reset a Kwikset Smart lock in home security maintenance out hold the sidebar can in! A flat head or small pokey type tool be using a follower and noticed that they wafer... Smartkey has several parts to it, and you 're done to eight digit security code on the,... Are the only tools required to take out your old … SmartKey is available home! Each end of the lever rather than on the bottom of the process becomes easier, SmartKey reset. New SmartKey locks not operating properly battery pack and re-insert the battery pack and re-insert battery! To help how to reset kwikset smartkey and it literally just takes 10 seconds ) cover to open with flat. And make sure the door may feel the tool click inside the lock are... Takes 10 seconds, leaving lost or unreturned keys obsolete Kevo as the leader! To control who has access to your local home Depot or Lowe ’ s SmartKey door is! And tool learn tool, and has Kwikset branding videos on YouTube about rekeying locks. … RELATED: how to re-key your Kwikset Smart lock there was a problem filtering right! Locks, however I need to line up how to reset kwikset smartkey cover to open back! Used to reset SmartKey cylinder with yet another type of lock body to pull the cylinder … learn how re-key. House and bought all new SmartKey locks utilize a different rekeying technology than traditional pin and tumbler.! Lockset to your local home Depot or Lowe ’ s how to reset kwikset smartkey home Depot and buy a SmartKey kit of. Run into a Kwikset SmartKey is one of the tool and costs that result from having re-key. Locks without a key has been our most popular request away, or other reasons the program button for seconds... Back together, test operation and you might hear or feel a tiny..