Honey Wine. share. Fish Fillet Chips. save hide report. Areha Palm Forest (1CP) 2 Palm Tree (3CP each) Only one Guru meal used teff and two Guru meals used date palm. There are about 7 teff and 3 date palm nodes in Valencia and they are all rather high in CP cost. King of Jungle Hamburg. Khalk's Fermented Wine. Omelet. 200,000 Silver. Fruit Wine x45. Date Palm Wine x60. Honey Wine. Fish Fillet Chips x75. ... GearScore in BDO. New class! Fruit and Vegetable Salad x21. I personally buy thousands of the various "wines" because I don't have the time or desire to make those … I was today years old when i … Date Palm Wine. Fruit and Vegetable Salad. Master 21. Honey Wine for Imperials, the other 3 for use in other recipes, or to sell. Mild date palm wine with a great aroma.- Effect All Evasion +4- Duration: 110 min.- Cooldown: 30 min.- How to obtain > There is a slight chance of obtaining Mild Date Palm Wine while making Date Palm Wine if your cooking level is Professional Lv.6 or up. Master 16. Fugitive Khalk's Horn x1, Honey Wine x5, Date Palm x6, Leavening Agent x6, Sugar x6 Attack +7, Moving Speed +1, HP Recovery +10, Hunting Damage +700 for 60 minutes Master Chef Dishes Steamed Seafood. Stir-Fried Vegetables x18. Tea With Fine Scent. Stir-Fried Vegetables. Borscht. Pistachio Fried Rice. Posted by 5 days ago. Date Palm Wine: 5 Date Palm: 2 Essence of Liquor: 1 Sugar: 4 Leavening Agent: Valencia Meal: 1 Teff Sandwich: 1 King of Jungle Hamburg: 1 Couscous: 2 Fig Pie: 2 Date Palm Wine… Savory Steak. Fish Soup. 831. Special Drieghanese Meal. Cant use less materials. Posted by 3 days ago. Fish Fillet Chips. Professional 9. 787. Seafood Pasta. Mild Date Palm Wine - All Evasion +4. Essence of Liquor you can use in Fruit Wine, Honey Wine, Coconut Cocktails, and Date Palm Wine. save hide report. share. Kamasylvia Meal. Steamed Seafood x30. Master 11. Tea With Fine Scent x21. Professional 9. Date Palm Wine: Apprentice 6: 5x Dates 2x Essence of Liquor 1x Sugar 4x Leavening Agent +4 Evasion : Steamed Whale Meat: Skilled 1: 1x Blue Whale Meat 1x Honey Wine 4x Garlic 2x Salt 6x Mineral Water: All damage reduction +2/3 +8 Evasion for 75/90 min. 5x Date Palm 2x Essence of Liqour 1x Sugar 4x Leavening Agent At guru 20. 840. Professional 1 or Cooking Mastery 350 Master 16. Steamed Bird x18. Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich x1, Coconut Pasta x1, Fig Pie x1 , Fruit Wine x2, Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt x1: Max HP +150, Max Stamina 200, Back Attack Damage +5% for 110 minutes: Special Valencia Meal: Teff Sandwich x1, King of Jungle Hamburger x1, Couscous x1, Fig Pie x2, Date Palm Wine … Honey Wine x60. Omelet x18. The main reason people pick up the date palm nodes is to make Date Palm Wine … Seafood Pasta x18. 183 comments. Seafood Grilled with Butter. Desert Dumpling. 256 comments. Steamed Bird. Valencia Meal. Seafood Grilled with Butter x36. Master 11. Professional 9. Date Palm Wine - All evasion (+4?) Fish Soup x33. Fruit Wine. Pistachio Fried Rice x36. 831. Professional 9.