Make a semi-liquid paste and apply it on affected areas for 10-15 minutes. ♥ Thanks for reading this mini sugar wax recipe without strips guide and hope you try it out! This causes much lesser pain than regular waxing. Lemme break it down for you: That convince you? We can imagine how troublesome the task is for you as the skin on your face is much more delicate than the skin on other parts of your body. 47. Apply baby powder to the area of your face that you wish to wax. Veet Natural Inspirations Precision Wax Strips Face All Skin Types, 40 ct + 4 Perfect Finish wipes by Veet. Bring the mixture to a boil over high heat, making sure to stir frequently to avoid burning. Heat up the ingredients in the microwave for two minutes on medium heat. Chemical waxing products use an ingredient called calcium thioglycolate to strip hair. Shaving, tweezing, waxing, epilation, threading, laser hair removal, depilatory creams are some of the tried and tested methods to get rid of excessive facial hair. If you are suffering from irritation, inflammation, or sunburn, avoid waxing to prevent the conditions from worsening. Smooth skin is excellent, but for a great … Sunblock Vs Sunscreen, Which Would Be Your Pick... How to Reverse Skin Damages Caused by Smoking... Made of beeswax, rosin, and other therapeutic ingredients (olive oil, coconut oil, vitamins, etc. of lemon juice, 1 cup of sugar and ¼ cup of honey in a microwave-safe bowl. You can read more about it here. Check the label of your wax to see what type of hair it's recommended for. I have a great DIY beauty solution that you probably have already at home. ✾ Can I use this sugar wax recipe for facial hair removal? Pour all ingredients into the microwave-safe bowl and place it inside the microwave oven Lasting results since it removes hair from the roots. If you add the guar gum, then don’t try it O.o. Sugaring for Hair Removal – What You Need to Know? These are strips on which the wax has been pre-coated. Is Sugaring Less Painful Than Waxing? Before applying your wax recipe, make sure to clean and exfoliate the area gently where you would be applying the mixture and allow it to dry completely. Apply a moisturizer on the affected areas if the problem persists. I’d be happy to help! Now wait for few seconds and peel off the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. The cooling part is also very important as it will help you figure out the actual texture of the recently prepared wax and decide on whether it needs to be modified. If you are using our recommended homemade techniques, it’s not only economical but also harmless for sure. Remember you should cook it until it turns thick, syrupy and most definitely a yellowish golden color. According to Nghiem, the best way to apply wax strips without causing irritation is in the direction of the hair's growth. I’ve also included a step-by step photo tutorial below so you can see what kind of consistency you should expect. Place a cloth strip over it, press it firmly as well as smooth it out with your fingers and pull it off against the growth of your hair swiftly. ► White sugar – The regular white sugar is what I recommend since you’ll know when it turns that golden syrupy color we want. Repeat the application of wax and make use of the cloth strips one by one for getting rid of all unwanted facial hair. That’s right! The strips will give the wax something to hold on to so you can peel it off, hopefully taking the hair with it. Place it over medium heat and keep stirring with the spoon for 8 to 10 minutes. However if you don’t follow instructions carefully and leave it on your skin beyond recommended time, it can cause irritation, rashes or even peeling of skin. Hence sugaring is less painful compared to waxing. I don’t know why but it’s not pulling the hairs off. If you remove the bowl from the heat too early, the mixture will remain too soft and you will find it extremely sticky during waxing. Thankfully, you don't need to give up waxing to avoid slathering your body with chemicals. How to Remove Facial Hair Naturally at Home, Hot Paraffin Wax Facial: Know It All for Your Beauty Regime. If you're looking to target your body or legs, … You can use it up to 4 times until it loses it’s ‘firmness’. Is it still usable? Once the wax is warm, start spreading the wax on the skin using the applicator stick. If it is too short, refrain from the method as the wax will not be able to hold the hair properly. Can You Use Vinegar Instead of Lemon Juice for Sugar Wax? Stay away from any exfoliation treatment until your skin comes to the normal condition. There is no harm. The ingredients are simple (two … Don't put soft (a.k.a strip) wax on too thick. Homemade sugar waxing uses a thick sugar substrate that sticks only to the hair instead of sticking to the skin for getting each hair fiber out of its root effortlessly. Conversely, if you cook it for too long, it will become hard just like a candy. ► Guar gum – This ingredient is a thickener and an extra ingredient to make the sugar wax paste more pliable and elastic so you can pull and stretch it without it being hard. By prepping I mean take a hot shower and use a bit of a scrub on the areas you’re going to sugar wax. This color means it’s burned because you didn’t watch it well enough or used high heat to cook it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Waxing strips need to be pulled from the skin in a single, quick move. Here Are Top 10 Sanitary Pads In India – Have A Safe Period! Without the use of wooden sticks for fabric/paper strips. Remove the bowl from the oven and allow it to cool down to some extent. This is a salon-quality, easy-to-use wax strip. Keep repeating the last step until you remove all unwanted hair from your face. Does NOT get hair from the roots (it’s so scratchy and awful when you remain with tiny shaven hairs ugh). Now, pull the cloth up in a rapid manner. ✾ Now get the sugar wax ball and stretch it over a small area of skin (say 2 to 3 inches – don’t do large areas like from knee to ankle – it won’t work! Yes, this is because unlike hot wax, sugar adheres to hair and not to skin. ✾ Then quickly pull off the stretched wax in the direction of hair growth. Apply Lemon and Sugar scrub to get rid of upper lip hair. Brown sugar / regular white sugar – 1 cup, Freshly squeezed lemon juice – 1 tablespoon. Make sure you’re allowing the wax to sit on your skin a bit before you pull off so that it actually sticks to your hair. (. But it is always recommended to use homemade waxing alternatives for complete protection of the delicate facial skin. In this post, I’ll show you guys a really simple sugar wax recipe without strips. You can make sugar wax with 3 simple ingredients and do your own waxing at home. With so many different sugar wax recipes out there, it’s easy to go wrong and you may find yourself getting frustrated with many failed attempts at getting the sugar wax consistency right. (or longer) in length before waxing. Enjoy your smooth hairless skin! Avoid waxing before sun exposure or right after a shower or bath, and only apply wax to healthy skin. This step is the initial stage that helps to form the ball of sugar wax while allowing it time to cool down and solidify. All you need is granulated white sugar, lemon juice, and water. As I said, it uses kitchen ingredients! Cook for 30-35 seconds until the mixture starts bubbling and eventually turns brown in color. Sugar Wax DIY: Homemade Recipe & Sugaring Guide | HairFreeClub Place the pan over a medium low flame. Slowly peeling them off will be uncomfortable and won’t remove the hair effectively. The wax itself is formulated with beeswax for strong adherence to unwanted hair, removing hair as short as 2mm to leaving the skin looking and feeling silky smooth. Any substance with citric properties can be used in lieu of lemon juice. The direction of your movement should be opposite to the growth of your facial hair. Enjoy your stay :). I like my DIY sugar scrub recipe with rosemary best! Nad’s Body Wax Strips. Yes! DIY Sugar Wax Recipe without Strips . While most women see the growth of fine, light-colored hair on their faces, others might experience thick and dark facial hair strands, making it a little unsightly. Some easy yet effective options are: Read Also – Shaving, Waxing, Laser, or Tweezing – Which is the Best Option for You? It can be used on your back, … ✾ Once done showering, dry your skin thoroughly. In order to use sugar wax to remove body hair or hair on your face, there are two main methods: using either your fingers to remove the wax, or using pieces of cloth to remove the wax and hair. *Check out this video from which I borrowed the measurements! Google +, DIY Sugar Scrub for Ingrown Hair Prevention & Treatment, DIY Ingrown Hair Treatment Spray | Also Prevents & Reduces Ingrown Hair, Don’t Pluck! Please consult your health care practitioner before undertaking any health changes. Heat the whole thing up for 2-3 minutes to achieve the perfect consistency of the wax. Then get a spray bottle filled with water and start squirting some water on the marble or granite kitchen counter or baking pan. Place a piece of cotton cloth over it, press the wax down firmly, and smooth it out with your fingers. Keep the following waxing aftercare tips in mind while trying homemade waxing for the elimination of your facial hair: Read Also – 8 Things You Should Know Before Doing an Eyebrow Wax. If you are all out of the muslin wax strips that come with your wax kit, don't fret! As it does not adhere to the skin, it also does not pull the skin for uprooting the hair. Pull the skin of the knee taut before applying the wax—this creates a smooth surface that the wax can adhere to easily. Your wax must not be too soft or too hard. Next add the lemon juice, salt and water. What are the Side Effects of Waxing? What do I do? Make sure it is still hot. ✾ Oh no! The information on this website is not substitute for medical advice and is for educational purposes only. Always make use of a spatula for the application of wax. (. Aug 26, 2015 - A natural reusable homemade sugar waxing recipe. Adding fresh lemon juice to homemade sugar wax recipes is highly beneficial as it acts as a natural antimicrobial agent and fights against breakout-causing bacteria to prevent bumps. ✾ That’s it! Are you using your body waxing kit for this purpose? Maybe you also didn’t exfoliate well? While saving can cause your facial hair to grow faster and thicker, waxing damages the hair follicle and reduces future growth. It not only ensures safety but also saves money. Let’s glimpse through various aspects of wax strips. A solution to the high price of store-bought wax is a homemade wax made from all-natural ingredients. I’ve added a little of another ingredient that makes the recipe better for me but of course it’s totally optional. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to deal with excessive facial hair. 98 ... Width 2-3/4 Inch - Non-woven Depilatory Honey Wax Epilator Paper Wax Strip for Hair Removal at Home or Beauty Salon by BNP NAIIL. Shaving, Waxing, Laser, or Tweezing – Which is the Best Option for You? With simple kitchen ingredients like sugar, honey and lemon, you can quickly prepare your own DIY solutions. Can be prepared at home by melting granulated sugar, lemon juice, and honey together. How Do You Wax Your Upper Lip at Home? There is a common perception that waxing leads to skin sagging. The basic ingredients in the original Arabian wax recipe include sugar, lemon juice and water. You’d rather use it for legs, armpits, arms and other bodily hairs but not your face. Does Face Waxing Cause ‘Sagging’? Facial skin is much more delicate and one should not apply body depilatories on facial skin. Begin Non … Clean the area with warm water (with a soft cloth or cotton) and apply a moisturizer gently. Uses ingredients like rosin, oils, and some other additives. This will ensure the best results with minimal adverse effects. No bumps, no ingrown hairs, no dark spots. Once the mixture starts bubbling, reduce to medium heat and continue to stir frequently. Easy to use especially this recipe without strips (the wax itself is used as a strip). If your hairs are long, then you can trim them to make things easier. ✾ After about 20 minutes, get corn starch or baby/talcum powder and dust it all over the area to be sugar waxed. The mixture should become quite thick and its consistency should be similar to honey. Got more questions? Wash it off with lukewarm water. This can take about 15 minutes. Honestly, I’ve never tried it out and I don’t think I will. Now, take some wax onto the spatula and apply it thoroughly to the facial hair you want to remove. Needs wax strips of small pieces of cloth for removal. Please don’t forget to SAVE ME | SHARE ME. 8 Things You Should Know Before Doing an Eyebrow Wax, DIY home remedies to get rid of upper lip hair, ’12 Must-Know Things to Consider Before Waxing Your Face, 10 Best Soaps In India to Keep Your Skin Clean and Healthy, 9 Best Underarm Whitening Products to Say Goodbye to Dark Armpits. The strip will work to remove all the wax instead of the hair. Consult a doctor while observing a sudden growth of facial hair in a short span of time (2). Ridiculously easy to make (when you follow the instructions to the dot). 233. Pull off a smaller piece of the sugar wax ball for use and wrap the bigger piece in plastic and store it in the refrigerator where it can last really long like up to 2 months. Watch it while it quickly turns into a golden syrup. Stir the ingredients with a spoon until the mixture forms an even consistency. All you gotta do is stretch it over your skin and quickly pull (more on that later). This sugar wax recipe was formulated after a few trial and errors so it’s quite perfect in consistency and efficiency, if I must say so myself. ✾ My sugar wax is soft and liquidy. Some people find that they get the best results when using their fingers to roll the sugar into a sticky ball, which can then be applied to the skin. … Let it cool down for a few minutes. Check them out: Read Also – How to Remove Facial Hair Naturally at Home. It should just cover the hair instead of coating it thickly. In this article, we will discuss homemade wax recipes for facial hair removal that will help you take special care of your facial skin. What Should You Keep In Mind Before You Start To Wax? Join me in my natural beauty journey. Because you haven’t cooked it enough. No more cutting out long strips of your old jeans or using those annoying popsicle sticks to sugar wax! Heat it up in a microwave for 10-15 seconds or more till you get the desired consistency. You can keep homemade sugar wax in an airtight container for 12-14 days. This recipe for egg white pore strips is easy to replicate, doesn't require … Moreover, it can turn extremely sensitive during waxing, thus giving you redness, rashes, and quite a few other issues. Before removing your body hair with your new at-home wax recipes, there are a few pre-waxing steps you’ll want to take. Egg White Pore Strips. Let it sit for just about 7 seconds. Now start stirring so the sugar dissolves and everything mixes together. are added to the same base as hard or soft wax. Welcome to beautymunsta! Cocoa powder, fruit juice, powdered fruit mix, pure honey, etc. Less painful. Remove the pot from heat when the mixture turns golden brown. Make sure that your hair is at least ¼ inch or 1 cm. Ouch. Nad’s Facial Wax Strips feature soft, flexible fabric to conform to the subtle curves of the face, especially those awkward places like the jawline, chin and the upper lip. Dip a tongue depressor into the hot wax and smooth it over the desired area of your face. While some of these methods are natural, easy to use, and pocket friendly; others like laser hair removal, depilatory creams, etc. Don’t miss: Results last longer than shaving (can go up to 6 weeks, hairs grow back thinner and may never go back at all with regular use (SAY WHAT!). Typically depilatory creams are safe when used correctly and do not cause any serious side effects. For the face, one trick I’ve tried out painlessly and successfully is using a paper towel and egg white. ✾ First and foremost, make sure you prep your skin before you even begin to think of sugar waxing. It doesn’t require any medical attention until and unless you see a sudden spike of facial hair in a short period of time. Do not apply wax to the areas of the facial skin that has acne, cuts, or piercing. To make hair removal wax at home, start by adding 1 cup of granulated sugar to a saucepan. Continue the process unless you get rid of all the unwanted hair. When applying a depilatory cream, it’s important to follow specific instructions carefully. While the method of preparation remains the same, you can also go for alternatives to homemade sugar waxing. Continue stirring and keeping an eye on the mixture. Jan 14, 2013 - If you are looking to learn and wax yourself over time, then investing in wax strips made out of cloth is a good idea. Before applying anything on your body, please do a patch test with it first. Absolutely. She held senior positions at some of the leading digital publications, and has been contributing to BeautyGlimpse since 2013. You will see it bubbling. ), Great for smaller, sensitive areas (eyebrows, upper lip, underarms, bikini line). This ensures that the sugar sticks to your hairs. beautymunsta - free natural beauty hacks and more! Be alert: Not the same direction as you put it on your skin! The more hair you have, the easier it is to wax. A natural and less painful method of waxing, Contains sugar, salt, water, and lemon juice (any other form of citric acid will also do), Perfect for all body parts irrespective of the skin type. Sugar wax is also less painful than traditional hot wax because it doesn't remove the hair follicle, making it a great option for those with sensitive skin. Can Yeah, it won’t hurt as much as waxing or epilating but of course, it’s going to hurt for a short time because you are essentially plucking out your hairs which triggers pain. From what I’ve seen you can also use vinegar as a substitute, but seriously that will stink. Take a cotton pad and dab some coconut oil on your waxed facial skin in order to get rid of any remaining wax residue. It's a smart idea to do a patch test 24 hours before you wax over larger areas, to make sure you tolerate the product. ♥, Hi there! For the best results, always apply the mixture in the direction of the growth of your hair and pull it off in the opposite direction. Brown sugar / regular white sugar – 1 tablespoon. Step 1: Heat Up the Wax You'll need a microwave for this, and they recommend 1 minute, 45 seconds for the full tub. Here, we give you 3 simple sugar wax recipes that will not only be a safe bet for your face but can also be prepared easily at home without burning holes in your pocket. Ingredients . Preparing your own wax for hair removal at home is a great idea. Instead, make your own wax with natural items such as sugar and water. Combine 1 tbsp. If you have sensitive skin and allergic to some products, you might experience irritation, redness, or rashes (5). Apply the wax in the direction your hair grows. Depilatory creams dissolve the hair at the skin’s surface. Facial hair in women is a common phenomenon often triggered by presence of male sex hormone, PCOS, menopause and pregnancy. It won’t work because it’s going to turn into some hard thingy when you try to bring it together to form a ball with a spoon. Place a medium-sized pot on the stove and add all ingredients to the pot. Cheap. However, it is important to follow pre-waxing steps and post-waxing care during each session of facial hair removal. Is It a Good Idea to Wax Your Face? Typically, there are four different types of homemade wax: Read Also – Sugaring for Hair Removal – What You Need to Know? Nair Hair Remover Wax Ready-Strips for Legs & Body. Whether you are waxing your eyebrows, your bikini line, or any other body part, you'll love this easy beauty hack for waxing! Turn the heat off and remove the bowl from the oven. Do all areas and then moisturize with lotion/coconut oil/shea butter. Now, if you’re new to sugar waxing or body sugaring as it’s also known, then I’ll explain – it’s a form of natural (and ancient as it was practiced in Arabia since long ago) body hair removal method using ingredients that are probably in your kitchen right now. It also nourishes the facial skin deeply with its high vitamin C content. While waxing can cause skin irritation if you have sensitive skin, but it never causes sagging. Sugar Wax Recipe With an Alternative to Lemon Juice. Straight from the famed spa, Bliss, this professional-grade wax is a great head (well, face) to toe hair removal kit—no strips required. Or you can attempt to use the soft wax as-is with cotton wax strips. Don’t miss: Gram Flour for Hair Removal | 3 DIY Masks to Use. Lemon juice is added mainly because it’s rich in citric acid that prevents the sugar from crystallizing and the mixture from becoming gritty. You have to do it more frequently – some people even do it every day. If you regularly shave the area you want to wax, let the hair grow for several days first -- this gives the wax more to hold on to. Great for avoiding packaging and nasty chemicals. Remember the area you want to be hairless must be clean, excess oil-free and dead-cell free for the sugar to properly grip onto the hair. Once you have a thin layer of water on the counter/baking pan, quickly pour the golden syrup onto the surface and using a spoon, start scraping the syrup from the edges going towards the center. Vinegar and lemon juice can be a good alternative. Be bold and go for it. Top 5 Essential Oils for Ingrown Hairs, My Favorite Tried & Tested Shea Butter Recipes for Skin, Hair & More, 100+ Essential Oil Recipes for Bea utiful Skin, Nails & More, The Complete Guide: Essential Oils for Hair & Scalp, The Complete Essential Oils Guide for Women, Easy Sugar Wax Recipe No Lemon Juice Involved, Gram Flour for Hair Removal | 3 DIY Masks to Use, Summer Homemade Deodorant without Beeswax, 15 Best DIY Deodorant Recipes | Homemade & All-Natural. Sugar is also an antibacterial that naturally preserves the sugar wax without it going bad. Once it turns a golden color, immediately turn off the flame and vigorously stir in the guar gum. That’s what I got the first time I tried and unfortunately, it’s a complete fail – you have to trash it. Do you wax your facial hair regularly? Double check and repeat again until you get a smooth hair-free skin. Best For Bikini: VidaSleek Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit. [Also Read: Tips To Make Waxing Less Painful] Ready To Use Wax Strips a.k.a Cold Wax Strips. Alternatively, you can try homemade natural sugar wax recipes which are simple, effective and budget friendly to replace conventional methods. If your facial skin has dry patches here and there, it may come off along with the wax strips, thus causing significant pain and inflammation. Offers lots of added skin benefits with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Place a cloth strip over it, press firmly with your fingers, and smooth it out following the direction of growth of your facial hair. Hence, it is always good to use homemade mild sugar wax recipes to remove facial hair. I'm a happy mama with a flair for frugal living, DIY beauty, alternative health and more! Clean the skin of any dirt and debris to make sure that the wax adheres fully